Tech-enabled Solutions witness Upsurge in Medical Sector amidst COVID-19

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the preference of customers has drastically changed. Home healthcare has shot up in a dramatic turn of events. A renowned firm conducted research based on the same that highlighted a similar pattern.

A consultancy service firm under its survey found that an inclination towards using technology to deliver contactless medical treatment is observed. Consumers have become more receptive to services that are planted outside hospital premises. Consultation, diagnostic, and in-patient care have acquired a new meaning with technology implementation in the medical scenario.

Why has the Pattern Changed?

The survey report studied the reasons for the changing pattern in pandemic times. Main causes for the same featured the need for social distancing and fear of contracting the virus.

The report clearly asserted- “Consumers increasingly prefer to have their healthcare needs met remotely or from the comfort and safety of their homes. They expect their healthcare service providers to prioritize adherence to safety protocols.”

What is Telemedicine and why is it Important?

Telemedicine is the usage of technology and software to provide clinical services to patients without having to pay an in-person visit. It’s a well-developed base in foreign countries. However, with the pandemic, it has acquired significant prominence in India also.

Another survey was conducted by a virtual consultation platform in collaboration with a recognized pharma company to assess the impact of digitalization in the medical field. 

Within this survey, they found out 60% of respondents were satisfied with the treatment received via the telemedicine concept. Besides, 54% of them wanted to pursue this method in the future.  

Another aspect covered by this survey was what patients are using online consultation for. While 70% of users used it as a medium to connect with known doctors, 60% used it for follow-up.

In fact, an upsurge in the field of telemedicine is seen in the eastern part of the country. This comprises Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal.

Telemedicine is well established in other countries but COVID 19 has triggered interest in our country with patients adopting this technology quickly. This simple interaction offers convenience and provides an excellent solution to patients residing in remote areas by providing them with quality healthcare solutions. The survey has clearly shown that patients in India are proactively looking for telemedicine solutions and doctors who are adopting it are hugely benefiting.

Will telemedicine continue to be a preference post-COVID subsides?

An interesting discovery is to see whether or not telemedicine will sustain itself after the end of COVID-19. It is expected to continue on the path of progress since customers now have an efficient consultation that is contactless as well as has no waiting time.

The report features both opportunities and challenges that will come in the path of this healthcare shift. We believe this will help organizations in the healthcare ecosystem to create better business strategies, collaborate with startups, and continue to thrive post-COVID-19 by exploring new settings and delivery channels across the continuum of care.

In the approaching time, healthcare is expected to become an increasingly integrated field, wherein customers will be provided with a lot more. Healthcare systems have to modulate as per the need to benefit.


The possibility of telemedicine wasn’t explored in India until the COVID-19 pandemic left no other option. Now that home consultation isn’t a distant reality, people have begun to acknowledge its feasibility.

This new contactless and time-saving methodology can be realized to the best of its potential after the pandemic subsides. With a well-formulated strategy within the healthcare ecosystem, tech-enabled solutions will grow considerably.

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