Telehealth and Clinical Decision Support System to Improve Patient Care

Clinical decision support systems and telehealth are becoming an essential tool for the healthcare provider to improve patient care.CDS can decrease the clinical variation, duplicative testing, also it ensures patient safety, and avoids complications. Clinical decision support systems are designed to exchange the data digitally with the healthcare provider for the suggestion of treatment. This tool has a vast function such as alert notification, document management, clinical workflow, drug control, patient medical record, and many more. Medical providers are adopting several clinical decision support tools as per their requirements. CDS tools are integrated into the EHR system to streamline workflow and get benefit from existing data sets.

 Telehealth has become the best option for home-bound or time-constrained patients and it helps a physician to manage the patient of chronic disease. It provides a high standard of a medical facility in an efficient way at affordable prices. Telehealth technology tools have a significant impact on healthcare services such that it provides quality care, safety, efficiency, and effective health to the patient. Telehealth service helps to provide essential care for the patient while reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Even, telehealth technology is not so new but healthcare providers are adopting to deliver better outcomes during the pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence for the Clinician

CDS is improving the quality of decision making in the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence is designed to solve complex problems without any error to make a quick decision for the patient with better health outcomes. Combining AI into CDS will enable us to use a huge amount of data to produce relevant decision-making information to a healthcare provider. Generally, the latest CDS makes a recommendation to the clinician, and artificial intelligence helps improve diagnosis. The value-based healthcare trend is rising, the successful adoption of CDS is reducing human error, and helps provide better care.

CDS systems also are used to obtain better information from patient health applications and medical devices. It has an alert option, so the patient can directly schedule an appointment who is seeking for immediate care. Moreover, an alert can be offered to the patient to reduce strain when working, exercising, and it help to improve health practice. The clinical decision system can make several suggestions when evidence suggests that certain medication and treatment may be more helpful for a particular condition. The artificial intelligence has the potential to detect patterns across a wider range of variables and continue improving to give efficient and better long-term results in healthcare.

Artificial intelligence is reaching a high level of maturity, reliability, and performance in the healthcare industry. It is the best tool to assist doctors with monitoring, treating, diagnosis for the COVID-19 patient. AI-assisted CDS tools have been implemented to improve clinical care provided to patients. It helps doctors diagnose the disease based on detailed information, which can offer their own understanding. CDS tools also help to adapt the standard of patient-focused care and deliver the best care of patients.  Healthcare software development companies gives the opportunity to the patient to communicate with their physician and get information related to their illness.

AI Telehealth Technology

AI can be used in telehealth applications for patient monitoring and reporting. Doctors are using a medical device to monitor blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, and physical activity, also report this information to an EHR database.  Moreover, this information can be used in the CDS system to help diagnose chronic diseases and update treatment to improve better health outcomes. The artificial intelligence telehealth can monitor negative signs and give the recommendation to help physician for better care.  In addition, it indicates vital signs for a serious problem and an AI app can help the user to schedule appointments with a physician on an immediate basis.

Telehealth applications can be used in virtual medical clinics, schedule appointments, and facilitate care. Artificial intelligence can organize appointments, tasks, and workflow at a virtual doctor visit. During the virtual visit, AI telehealth can be used to update electronic health records automatically, and that records can be used in EHR analytic software to provide better care and treatment. The Healthcare mobile app development services provide a solution to nurse practitioners for minor injuries or illnesses for quick and affordable care. Artificial intelligence helps to automate more aspects of telehealth to enhance efficiency and focused time to give better health outcomes.

AI method is commonly used in Telehealth to provide a high quality of virtual health service. Chatbots are also used for screening to give pre-diagnostics evolution that can be used by diagnostics in an integrated CDS system. AI can be a true game-changer to deliver better care at an affordable price for patients. It has the potential to engage in personalized treatment decisions, virtual care access, and management through telehealth applications that also protect from virus exposure. Telehealth platforms are used in many hospitals with many healthcare providers.


To improve the quality of medical care across the world, companies developing healthcare apps to increase the practice of evidence-based medicine with the use of telehealth and CDS system. Clinical decision support systems and telehealth give doctors and patients with clinical knowledge and patient-specific information that can help to make the decision to enhance better patient care. Physicians also use an audio-video telecommunication system that gives real-time communication between both doctors and patients. CDS system tools have been promoted as a vital feature of electronic health records that can be lead to a real transformation of the healthcare system.

Telehealth and clinical decision support system can help doctors to make a decision about a patient’s complex illness; it also allows doctors to deliver the quality of care and better health outcomes for the patients. It can reduce the readmission rates and tools can provide relevant information to the patient, gives a reminder for preventative care and warning for the escalated situation. The CDS tool can store all the records and give an opportunity for healthcare providers if patient documents are lost.

Softgrid Computer Indore offers a clinical decision support system to clinicians to improve patient outcomes and clinical engagement. Our dedicated web developer designed the system for seamless integration into the existing hospital EHR system through standard APIs. The CDS platform provides error-free documentation for medical diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring to make patient assessment accurate and reliable.

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