The ascent of women entrepreneurs in the Indian ecommerce industry

It’s not only depressing but unthinkable too how much women were deprived and bound in the Indian societies. But along with the power of education and revolts, change had arrived and it has spread all over the country. The stereotypical conceptions of women being the weaker sex had been mostly eradicated bringing equal opportunities for men and women to thrive. Maybe in some economically deprived regions, the lack of educational wisdom still holds back women in their freedom but that also remains in a very small proportion and is hoped to be revolutionized soon. The two biggest things in life which women were deprived of were individual freedom and educational opportunity. So the primary change started from there and women were being qualified and accepted to work at different organizations. Financial freedom is an essential part of being independent and has brought the same kind of respect that only men used to receive beforehand. 

But when it comes to running a business, women were not being witnessed to have ventured around the late 90s. But in 2022 the scenario is totally different, a monumental rise in entrepreneurship is being witnessed by women of India. These Entrepreneurs have not only proved that women don’t lack behind but also inspired millions of women around the world to have a business or company on their own and jump into the thrilling world of entrepreneurship. In the world of entrepreneurship, a person has to earn their respect and trust irrespective of their gender. The journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur or business person is similar for both men and women even in the Indian landscape. Several female entrepreneurs who have come to the top are continuing a remarkable balance between the household role and the professional business world role. They are fulfilling the duties of a mother, wife, and daughter and also growing their entrepreneurship business at the same time.

Knowing about the most achieving ecommerce businesses by female entrepreneurs 

Maybe this statement would seem rather feminist but don’t you agree that women entrepreneurs face a little more difficulty in the process in comparison to men?. For India, there is more truth to it and the struggles have already been shared by many females who are popular figures now. When Indian readers notice that among the top entrepreneurs for every country there are females along with men including India, then it’s undeniable to acknowledge that Indian Women have finally made it. Even though funding resources have increased nowadays it’s not easy to find the money that will kickstart the business for women entrepreneurs. 

Every business has a story behind it and the journeys of these female industry leaders are acting as an inspiring and motivating medium for more women to believe in themselves and become an entrepreneur. The e-commerce industry is being enriched by innovative and essential businesses by these top women entrepreneurs which are highly impactful for the existing e-commerce business and upcoming platforms as well. The other satisfying fact is that these women entrepreneurs have not ventured into a single category, they are distributed among all sectors which did not have women entrepreneurs. The advanced technologies which are being provided in the ecommerce Industry are also helping the unique ideas get practically implemented. 

EMBIBE by Aditi Avasthi This platform is considered the most powerful education company that provides innovative study material for students with the help of Artificial Intelligence. There are many e-learning platforms but the ways in which AI is used by Embibe make it stand out in the crowd. The education contents they host are curated as per the syllabus or curriculum at the specific board schools. The content is available in multiple languages so that the students can select the language they are most comfortable with. 

Several Competitive exam preparation materials are also available by which students can learn in an extraordinary process. The visual study material is designed with Artificial Intelligence in such a format that students would feel that their textbooks have come alive. Students have claimed that understanding concepts in a detailed format is much easier with Embibe. The AI used by Embibe is very powerful and also has tracking capabilities to identify the gaps in learning. Embibe has been awarded the “Best App For Personal Growth” from Google Play’s User Choice Awards hosted in 2021. The company was founded in 2012 and thus has achieved a lot in a short span. 

Frontier Markets by Ajaita Shah- This company is dedicated to the outreach of high-quality products to remote villages by utilizing rural region small entrepreneurs to work as the prime connection to the regions. Thus Frontier Markets create functional rural marketplaces by which consumers in remote areas can be a part of the online market. Frontier Market has been successful in filling a huge gap in the marketplace where rural people are getting access to good quality products and the large companies are able to serve them through Frontier Markets. 

The Frontier Market Company has only women in their salesforce who work as representatives in the villages. A dedicated mobile application was also launched in 2018 for rural women with in-app assistance. Along with the popularity of Frontier Markets, the rural women workforce has reached twelve thousand in the count. Frontier Market is active in more than 3200 villages and is expanding across more. Industry giant companies like P&G, Samsung, Jio, Marico, Philips, Prestige and many similar level companies have partnered with Frontier Markets. 

Thrillophilia by Chitra Gurnani Daga- This company makes thrilling adventures and travels more organized and provides easy solutions for activity sports. Thrillophilia has already served more than two million customers and has spread across fifteen countries after starting from just Bangalore. They host around twelve thousand activities and adventure sports around the globe and receive about one million travelers every year. The prime travel destinations in focus are Bali, Dubai, Singapore, India, Andaman, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Ladakh. They host curated package deals at high discounts and have received immense popularity among travel enthusiasts across the globe. When you visit, do check out the genuine reviews where travelers and activity lovers have highly praised the services of Thrillophilia.

Nextdrop by Anu Sridharan- This is a very unique company that generates and supplies proper water supply information through message formats. The company was founded in 2011 in a district of Karnataka. By the use of state-of-the-art technology, the company aims at establishing an ideal link between government resources, citizens and the private sector. The company is set on the social mission of getting the world free of water-related problems.

 Nextdrop has over seventy-thousand registered users all across Karnataka. The company works by collecting various kinds of data on water and develops suitable algorithms and visual designs to greatly develop the distribution of water. The Water Engineers greatly benefit from the services of Nextdrop and customers have a different level of assurance on the information. The residents of the Urban Region receive information in the form of text messages from Nextdrop whenever there are issues with the water supply. 

Timesaverz by Debadutta Upadhyaya- Timesaverz company operates a very unique platform and business that was also started by an innovative Indian female entrepreneur. Timesaverz functions as India’s first marketplace dedicated to availing home services. The platform is associated with more than a thousand service providers and home services have been provided to more than Fifty Thousand customers. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai but also has operations in five other cities besides Mumbai. The other cities are Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and Delhi. All important categories of home services provided by Timesaverz include repairs, pest control services, beauty, home interiors, laundry, and cleaning services. The bookings can be easily placed online at affordable rates while expecting a great service from the home-executive visitor.

 Buttercups by Arpita Ganesh- This is another bold and stylish company by an Indian women entrepreneur. Buttercups is an online Lingerie brand who are reputed for providing ideal fittings to all women. Their comfortable and elegant intimate apparel makes them a unique brand with several years of running in the market. They are able to provide a unique online lingerie purchase experience by using the innovative ‘Buttercups Online Quiz’. This helps the platform provide personalized fits for everyone as they have the largest available size range in India for their products. 

The Buttercup company also focuses on making the bra experience for all women more comfortable and relaxing. The brand has a wide range of women’s innerwear including bras and briefs that have been tailored for comfort and sustainability. Besides the online e-commerce business, the company has a dedicated ‘Buttercups Fitting Room’ in Bangalore. The establishment is dedicated to resolving fitting issues for Bras and multiple Fit Specialists are present at the establishment for helping out customers by finding the ideal fitting bra. The brand was started in 2011 and from then it had come a very long way in becoming a popular company with a women-centric cause.

Mad Street Den by co-founder Ashwini Asokan- This is a technology company who have expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. ‘Mad Street Den’ is focused on building AI-based architecture of the future. All advanced applications being launched are able to easily benefit from the implementation of Artificial Intelligence features. The company is already having an impact on the Retail sector, is the first vertically integrated Artificial Intelligence stack specifically built for Retail. The team of ‘Mad Street Den’ comprises Neuroscientists, Data Science professionals and deep-learning specialists. The AI-based company has served world-famous brands across multiple countries.            

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