The environment around PHP and NodeJS

Web development, without any doubt, is an extremely complex environment of programming applications and technologies that come up, because of which programmers have to face a certain amount of uncertainty as to which is the best option for them to choose from. This uncertainty also brings with it, a certain lack of knowledge about the new and upcoming technologies and the ones that are mature and require a deeper technical understanding.

It is the responsibility of the back-end programmers who have to face this dilemma. Earlier, JavaScript did not overlap with PHP, because they both served different purposes. While JavaScript was used to build the front-end applications, PHP was used to build server-side applications. This distinction allowed for both of these programming languages to co-exist and develop a seamless website experience.

JavaScript was replaced by the new Node.JS and with this new development, Node. JS started entering the server-side of the applications as well and created a collision with traditional PHP. If you are a business owner looking to see which is the best option, it is better to put it out there first, that this would be a difficult situation.

An analysis of PHP

PHP is an open-source server-side application that is being widely used for website development. There have been numerous surveys that have shown that almost 79% of websites are developed using PHP. There are several content-management systems, the likes of WordPress, Shopify and WooCommerce that shows how PHP has taken the entire world by storm.

Advantages of PHP:

When it comes to maintenance, the PHP framework is usually used to make the web application development a lot more user-friendly and ensure that the code is maintained automatically. Specifically speaking, the MVC architecture in PHP framework helps the code to be used and maintained effectively. This MVC has been specifically designed to ensure that the separation of the file is done separately and automatically.

PHP is also considered to be one of the most stable applications as compared to other programming languages. Because it has been in existence for a long time, the programmers have worked on PHP in order to ensure the developers find it easier to make applications using the PHP programming language.


There are certain disadvantages that PHP has, as a programming language.

PHP allows developers the freedom to be able to combine HTML with the language syntax, something which might be perceived as an advantage, but, however, can become quite difficult on a practical basis. This is because these feature makes it extremely hard for the developer to manage codes with such a huge code base- a feature that you would not have a problem with, if you were to use a JavaScript framework.

This technology is not ideal when it is required to support a wide range of applications. It is extremely difficult to manage, since it cannot be competent modular. It is already in unity with the key features of the Java language.

Analysis of Node.JS

Node.js is an environment that allows for everything that is needed to execute a program that is written in JavaScript. The major breakthrough with Node.js happened when JavaScript extended this program from something that you could keep running in the background, to something that could serve an independent purpose on your machine. Currently, there is a lot more that one can do with JavaScript than just working on making the website interactive. JavaScript has evolved to the point where it now has the same abilities that Python has, which shows a tremendous leap in its evolution.

Advantages of Node.js

Since JavaScript is one of the most important programming languages, there won’t be any trouble with the front-end programmers finding it easily accessible. It is fairly simple to start using it at the back-end because of its similarity. It, therefore, becomes quite easy for them to learn Node.js and it consumes less time to work with it.

One of the major advantages of this programming language is that, it can be used for the service of many concurrent events. By making use of Node.js, the developers can easily make scalable solutions that helps in maximizing the computer memory as well as the CPU usage, in the service of various requests.

When we are talking about software development, it is almost like a dream come true for many developers. This is essential because there are so many set or fixed patterns or architectures that they have to follow, which gives the developer access to different modules. Other than this, numerous advantages to working with Node.js, in addition to the very important fact that it is ideal for working with large files.

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