The necessity of having a mobile e-commerce application for your business

Primarily the most important task for a business nowadays is to have a digital platform and presence. A business without a strong performance across the digital platforms is going to face a colossal loss of customers. The demand for purchases online is booming in 2022 and steady growth with more and more online customers is inevitable. If your business is being operated through physical stores and running well then it would mean you are a successful businessperson, but the Sales figures can be upgraded by when the digital platforms are also being utilized. Even if you don’t jump into the e-commerce and digital selling process immediately, starting with a dedicated website for your business is very crucial. If you are not tech-savvy or have doubts about taking your business presence online then just start with a website that will at least serve the basic purposes. The general tasks of providing information to customers, serving as contact media, and allowing business authentication gets served through the most basic websites as well. 

The devices being used by the mass population have a deep impact on the global digital business and e-commerce. The modern gadget that people are never willing to let go of, even for a minute, is the advanced smartphone. Mobile phones can be considered the most powerful consumer gadgets that nearly every adult has. Thus any business which can be accessed and purchased through mobile phones is going to have constant engagements, leads, and sales. The online purchasing demand has been skyrocketing across every Industry and every sub-category business too. 

The covid-19 pandemic phase has been responsible for enhancing the growth by working as a catalyst but the present digital industry scenario would have been reached anyways, but wouldn’t have happened so soon on this scale. Using this huge demand and strategic promotions many businesses are in a phase where they are selling well through the e-commerce website and are not seeing the necessity of a mobile-based application. But just because they are not able to visibly witness the number of sales that are not occurring due to the lack of a mobile application, businesses are remaining with limited sales.

The shift to m-commerce from e-commerce setup 

There are various businesses in existence in all of the states of a leading country that are completely operating through Digital Mediums and have no physical store or locations for selling products or providing the services. This couldn’t have been imagined a few years back when online purchases were not much popular and lacked infrastructure too. These complete digital businesses are being operated through a small office with an utmost focus not only on eCommerce but on m-commerce as well. The concept of m-commerce can be defined as the process of purchasing and selling products and services through mobile devices like modern-day smartphones and tablets. When you ask around you will immediately find on your own that the majority of the online shoppers are using their smartphones to click on the dedicated application and start purchasing. The mobile shopping experience is found more comfortable by most users and has rather more benefits in terms of simplicity. 

 The engagement duration of a potential client has a big role to play in the flow of purchases from a single customer. Whether you are running a brick and mortar business or a fully-digital business, if the customer returning rate is reliable your business would be able to easily pass through the droughts. Your business always remains present with potential customers in the form of an application in m-commerce. This lets the potential customers browse through applications quite often even if they don’t primarily open the applications with the intention of purchase. For every e-commerce and m-commerce business about every application has the feature of product ‘Wishlisting’. Nearly every sub-category of business have immense competition nowadays and thus the number and types of product in each category have enhanced greatly. 

A user can spend a chunk load of time on a daily basis on your business mobile application that will drive sales figures to a much greater level. Smartphones are mainly of two types in 2022 based on the Operating System, Android, and iOS. There are dedicated digital markets for both from where any application can be easily downloaded by the users. The applications allow the users a supreme level of freedom, they can order from anywhere just with a few clicks with the phone in their pocket. The relevancy of time gets further eradicated in m-commerce in comparison to e-commerce. Suppose a person who stays up really late at night or has a night shift to attend feels like placing an order. The person can easily do it without turning on the Personal Computer or Laptop without even changing position physically. Tablets are also considered mobile devices and have a very similar operation in comparison to Smartphones. Thus the m-commerce market is exceedingly colossal and is typically engulfing the e-commerce structure in most Industries. 

The other Super Benefits of Mobile Commerce Adaptation 

Having Advantage over other businesses- If your business has a fully functional mobile application and the competitors in your operating category don’t, then your business immediately receives an advantage. It’s much needed to go along with the trends and customers are preferring m-commerce apps for all kinds of purchases. This means if you have a competitor with similar products or services and they have a super-efficient mobile app for shopping don’t be surprised when you see analytics where customers are choosing them over your brand. For running in the long-term with stable customer acquisition the smart move is to deploy a mobile shopping app in the play store and apple store for iOS.

 But the target audience and already acquired customers need to know about the app deployment so ideal marketing and advertising policies require to be implemented. Softgrid company is capable of handling the entire process from app creation to marketing strategy implementation. At Softgrid the giants of the industry are kept in focus while creating the ideal mobile solution for your business. This leads to the creation of an application where the premium mobile browsing experience would get maintained like the leading e-commerce applications in the industry.

Providing customers with a personalized experience- The mobile application serves as the most effective medium for reaching customers with new offers, products they would love, and just about anything that your business would be willing to notify them. The personalization experience gets more upgraded in mobile applications in comparison to e-commerce websites. The directivity of the personalization points becomes much easier in the compact structure of the mobile application. But for personalization to take place for each customer only the advanced software technologies need to be used for analyzing the user’s browsing pattern and preferences. 

The notification bar on smartphones is an excellent space for personalized messages and influencing texts in addition to the in-app customized purchase experience. With the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT it becomes possible for Softgrid to make an intelligent application where personalization won’t require manual intervention. The customer’s wishlist, age, location, search text, and similar factors are analyzed by the integrated technologies and ideal personalized solutions in the form of recommended products, follow-up on products being liked and even price change information serves as part of the Personalized in-app experience. This has eradicated the previous marketing policies of sending the same notification to every single person in the potential customer base.


Enhancements in the rate of conversion with reductions in Cart deletion- It’s safe to say that a customer would never have a great experience while accessing your business website from mobile phones. An app is what they would prefer. As the application of your business is going to sit around the smartphone permanently the engagement ratio automatically gets boosted. When your business hosts multiple products with great discounts then it’s much certain that a suitable one will be eyed by each customer. Allow Return and Cancelation options on whichever product is possible as experts at Softgrid say it lets the customers feel more comfortable and confident in venturing into first-time purchases from your business portal. It has been witnessed not only by Softgrid but the whole business world that higher conversion rates happen through mobile applications. This occurs several times with most customers, they add products into their Cart but leave the application without completing the process of the order. 

Often the reasons remain that they wait for more discounts, or just think about ordering later on. A reminder in the form of notification has many times led to the completion of a purchase. This is why either manual tracking is required or it needs to be pre-set in the software application algorithm to place notification reminders after a specific period. But it’s not always possible to identify the reason for cart abandonment through analytics. Softgrid e-commerce experts suggest that asking customers about a business-related query should never be delayed. Thus whenever the customer visits the application a pop-up can be allowed that reminds about the cart scenario and asks the customer to select between three or four options of order placement delay. This would help in business growth and allow improvements to occur at the necessary points from the customer’s perspective. Among all the mediums of selling platforms, mobile applications have the least statistical figures for cart abandonment. 

Loyalty from customers and efficient system structure- If the primary or the first-time purchase experience has been great then you can expect the customer to return automatically for another purchase. The customer return rate is found to be higher by Softgrid IT experts in the case of mobile applications and it’s very logical. When a customer downloads the application of your business then it can be stated that the person is interested in the products or service your business provides. When your business remains present in the form of an application on their smartphones then they would visit much often as it takes only a single tap. 

As the daily engagement increases with all the potential customers, automatically each campaign hosted on the application gets targeted to the desired audience. For the stable new customer acquisition, you need the proper marketing and advertising customized plans for your business which the proficient marketing team at Softgrid can help you out with. The loyalty of the customers becomes more concrete once they get used to purchasing through the mobile application of your business only with a few taps on the screen. If your business application is able to provide a smooth, trouble-free experience with easy payment options and auto selections then customers would continue making purchases from your business app repeatedly.                                

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