The power of videos in business promotion through digital platforms

The conventional and old techniques of advertisement are still in use but are nearly always combined with the digital marketing strategies to have a strong, effective plan. The physical advertisement processes involving large banners, pamphlets, and posters throughout the city are still functional but mostly serve the purpose of brand awareness and visibility. The other mode of advertisement which is also much primitive will be the Television advertisement process. Both of these strategies mentioned involve a great deal of expenditure and are not able to provide practical benefits for the business.

 The concept of Ad marketing has the universal hold that declares Advertisements are best implemented where most people are. When thinking about this it can be immediately concluded that the biggest congregations in the world are happening digitally. When further analyzed it is not surprising to anyone that the mass audience with the most active durations is found on the popular Social Media Platforms. This has led to the rise of the grand division known as Social Media Advertising and Marketing. 

On every social media platform, the prime engine that keeps it popular will be the endless content present. Nowadays social media is being used by every age group and even in the most remote locations in a country. The marketing of a brand is thus taking place with the use of multiple types of content and social media strategies. But in similarity to older methods, Digital Marketing Strategies are best handled by the professionals of the division like at Softgrid.

 The contents have also developed in multiple structures beyond the text and images. Among all types of content, the one which has got maximum popularity is the brand videos. Video Content has become one of the most powerful tools for marketing and promotion across the internet. The engaging and entertainment factor in videos is much greater than in other forms of content available to be used. The process of making brand-specific promotions through video content across multiple digital platforms is known as Video Content Marketing. 

Product explanation in just a few seconds 

When you browse through all the giant e-commerce platforms you will notice that most of the products have images including videos that explain the features of the products and the most essential highlights for it. All products listed on the selling platforms do have product descriptions in textual format but often the video explanations are more successful in getting the messages to the customers. A purchase can be only expected when a potential customer has understood the use and benefits of a product so content experts try to focus on these two factors and create a very short video that will serve the purpose wonderfully.

 When the videos are posted from the business account on social media a high level of professionalism needs to be maintained in the content while allowing appropriate puns and jokes. A well-designed video and a basic, low graphic, basic animation video can be of huge difference to the business. The Digital Marketing division of Softgrid is dedicated to growing your business by strategic promotions across the digital platforms with the ideal content planning.

The video dominated platforms for business advantage 

There are multiple platforms existing with dominance over the internet and are majorly running on video content. When talking about video-based platforms the king here would definitely be Youtube. The platform totally runs on hosted videos and other content formats like general text, images, infographics, and audio are extremely rare to be found. You might already be an avid user of youtube and witnessed how the platform is often receiving updates in features for a better user experience. In youtube, an account has been termed a ‘Channel’ and thus a business channel needs to be created and managed by promoting and posting attractive videos. Another form of Video that is the most trending and holds maximum viewership is the Reels. This format of videos primarily became popular on the Instagram platform and then got adapted to Facebook, Youtube, and even Pinterest.

 The Reels are short videos mostly shooted in the Portrait format that people can watch without bending their mobiles and run for a very short duration. Scrolling through these types of Video Content on a daily basis has become a regular habit of millennials. The businesses and companies who are using these Video formats with engaging business videos are the ones that are experiencing immense growth in all business development aspects. There is also the option of ‘Stories’ that are very similar formats to Videos but they are not permanent posts and mostly disappear after twenty-four hours of posting. Even if new Videos are posted in this format regularly it can be wonderfully used for Image format posts and daily promotions too. It works as a highlight board for Business accounts and any new offer, update, or product can be reached out to efficiently through this format of Story Uploads. 

The other Video format that has great engagement capabilities are the Livestreaming Videos. As the name suggests a video is broadcasted live throughout the social media business accounts and followers of the account can view it in real-time and even make direct interactions through live comments. The Live Sessions are often recorded by most businesses and later on posted into the accounts for audiences who could not attend live. 

Businesses host discussions with experts on various topics or even use the Livestream for live interaction with the audience, both are found to be highly beneficial in the long term with customer engagement and brand loyalty. Along with the help of Livestream management software proper management can be carried out for every session even if a Webinar type approach is adopted. Social Application Development experts at Softgrid suggest that Webinar interactions are great to engage the audience as they are always willing to learn something new from professionals in the specific webinar niche.


Social Media on Smartphones and the advantage of Video Advertising 

There are very rare occasions when someone gets logged into their social media account through Laptops or Desktops. Most of the time a user clicks on the smartphone Application and dives into the scrolling experience on their NewsFeed. The Video Content of Reels and Stories are ideally made in a layout design to be best experienced across smartphones of all types of operating systems. Various statistics have proven that people are not willing to use social media on any other platform other than specific social media Applications on their personal smartphones. 

This sudden preference change in the audience also has brought benefits for the Social Media business accounts. For example on Youtube whenever a new video is added to the account it’s possible to notify the customers about the video. On Instagram too, a similar notification mechanism exists that doesn’t allow a post to get easily lost in the digital crowd or get viewed after a very long period. On smartphones videos are also able to run in a minimized format on the screen even when the application is exited, this allows certain multitasking facilities to the audience and increases the viewership for the Videos.

Video Advertising on Social Media is powered to raise a high level of curiosity among the viewers and an attractive thumbnail image can bring in large traffic to the Social Media business account. Expert Social Media development teams at Softgrid can provide you with a social media application like Instagram where every feature and interface will be based on your choice. The design experts at Softgrid thus will provide market researched, innovative and high-performance social media applications that can be for your brand community and also for the global audience. In some Social Media Platforms, the interface has been updated in such a format that when a user stops scrolling and then waits on a specific video, it automatically starts to run, and oftentimes as it’s directed towards the target audience they end up watching the full video and taking the intended “Call to action” set by the business. 

SEO and ROI benefits of Video Content Promotions

When a user places a search query on Google’s search engine it’s not just website links that appear on the page. If the user is actually searching for a visual result then it would appear in the results section. Along with the use of good search engine optimization strategies, it would be possible to reach a unique swarm of audiences who will be looking for video content related to your business products or services.                       

 At Softgrid’s Digital Marketing services, all the essential SEO-related customizations are maintained so that the Business website and the video contents as well can rank higher. On other social media platforms too there remains options to specifically look for videos or reels and if the content present in your business account is not optimized properly with the Search constraints then your business will lose out on various potential leads.  

The Return on Investment (ROI) is excellent for the Video Strategies if implemented with the best practices in the Industry. Even when you hire professional Social Application Developers from IT leaders like Softgrid there isn’t a huge budget involved and your social media application would get developed with personalized plans suitable for your business category. For bringing in more sales and leads the videos will be deeply implemented in the Sales Strategy for having noticeable and satisfying conversion rates. Social Media App- Developers at Softgrid suggest with confidence that a business community-based application would function with its own benefits for the business

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