With the release of the new version of the PHP application server starts its manufacturer, the Zend Gallery, are collected in the developed by companies and the community plugins. The Zend Server 8.5 release builds on the Zend Server 8 milestone, which debuted with the Z-Ray application insight technology.

For the release, the developers have accepted not only the user interface, which now comes with a new menu structure and more modern design, but they are also discussed issues such as user support and scheduling.

As part of the new Zend Server 8.5 release, the new Zend Gallery is being added, providing a library of Z-Ray add-ons that can be used. Off course new version is also own collection of plug-ins for Zend Server. So now is as a live support function is available, should have the opportunity with the application provider to check the requests of their clients, without the sensitive information to be communicated.

If you are not using Zend Server 8.5 means you are leaving its exciting features, performance, security, add-ons and bla bla bla……

Take a jump with its new & engaging features:

  • Gallery of Community-Driven Plugins.
  • Support for Application end-users
  • Supercharged Job Queue Functionality
  • App and Framework Specific Routing Logic Understanding
  • Notifications about the environment displayed directly in Z-Ray
  • Improved performance and lower memory consumption
  • Increased granularity control of the data collected by Z-Ray
  • New plugins display with multiple panels now consolidated under one top-level panel
  • New capability to perform server-side actions from Z-Ray
  • New added support for app-independent plugins, such as Amazon EC2
  • New support for Microsoft Azure

Posted by Anuj Pathak

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