2 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For Your Store

Thousands of new ecommerce businesses are launched every year, on different platforms. WordPress is a major stack holder and we are going to list down a few most popular plugins for wordpress to turn it into a full-featured eCommerce store. As we explored the realm of WordPress ecommerce plugins, we aimed to distinguish the unique qualities that set each of these plugins apart from one another. While some plugins offer a comprehensive range of features suitable for diverse needs, others excel in providing a simplistic and clutter-free approach to creating online stores.

To discover which plugins best align with your needs, continue reading as we unveil the top WordPress ecommerce plugins currently available in the market.

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce stands as the most renowned eCommerce extension for WordPress. It has gained immense popularity for several reasons. It offers an easy user interface, a wide range of themes support, and a growing list of WooCommerce extensions, allowing us to build unique and visually appealing online experiences.

*WooCommerce is eventually acquired by Automattic, which is the organization that operates WordPress.

Here are the key benefits of using WooCommerce:

  • It is secure
  • It is easy to setup and customize
  • It supports extensions
  • You can sell physical as well as digital products

2. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

As per their website EDD claims more than 50,000 businesses use Easy Digital Downloads plugin. EDD is a reliable eCommerce WordPress plugin that powers online stores all over the world. It is modular and also supports themes. It is quite popular when it comes to selling digital products using WordPress. Sandhills Development is the company that manages EDD.

Here are the key benefits of using Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin:

  • It is secure
  • It supports extensions
  • It is scalable
  • Perfect for selling digital products
  • Download logs like download dates & times, IP address, and attached payment record

After conducting an in-depth analysis of these WordPress ecommerce plugins, we are delighted to offer personalized recommendations based on your specific requirements. If you want to sell mostly digital products, Easy Digital Downloads is likely your best option. If you are looking to sell physical products then no doubt WooCommerce is your best bet. The main difference is the minimum shipping options we get with EDD.

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