7 Ways EHR Systems Will Help Overcome Existing Problems In The HealthCare Industry

Healthcare has witnessed a drastic change in its operations over the past couple of years. However the growth had been going at a slow pace, but the pandemic was able to speed things up and bring rapid changes in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry as a whole is playing the role of superheroes in this time of crisis. Yet, there are healthcare organizations across the country that are not implementing digital transformations in their operations to help reduce the chances of clinical and healthcare professionals burnout. Healthcare technologies will help healthcare organizations to ease the efforts of healthcare professionals. 

EHR or electronic health records cover a broad range of operations that will help healthcare professionals have easy access to patients’ history, medical records, and ongoing treatments. The prominence of electronic medical report EHR has grown exponentially since 2009, and it is crucial for healthcare organizations to implement the technology now, more than ever. The technology has observed multi-contextual changes since its inception. Currently, our healthcare industry is in the face of an evolving model and EHR vendors like SoftGrid Computers have started their innovation engines to make improvements in the interoperability standards, rising consumerism, and stop clinicians burnout to make a value-based care delivery system and bring a positive shift in the healthcare industry. 

How will EHR vendors improve healthcare operations?

SoftGrid Computers can synergize and help healthcare providers and professionals to build an enhanced EHR system tailor-made for their requirements that will ease out clinicians’ daily operations and seamlessly fall into their routine to create a patient-centric healthcare system. The implementation of EHR systems will improve prospects of reimbursements, quality of care, and help practice better utilization of resources for higher revenues. EHR developers will help you push these frontiers in the implementation of technology in the healthcare industry. 

As a healthcare organization if you are planning to implement digital transformation and overcome the barrier of clinicians burnout for a more effective and efficient system you must look at the bare bones of the current health care delivery system in place. This will help you understand how you wish to implement the EHR system to enable your organization to become a more care-focused delivery system. Here are a few opportunities offered that will help your healthcare organization improve their care delivery process: 

Improve Care Quality Management: Soft Grid Computers offers innumerable opportunities to help enrich your care value outcomes by making functionality changes in Healthcare IT Technology. Clinical practice guidelines and embedded care protocols will ensure greater consistency across the healthcare facility and minimize the care variability. Application features such as missed follow up visits, automation and alerts for drug allergy, can be built across the existing EHR process or introduced to enable more informed and thought-after decision making. 

Minimizes Errors: EHR systems help harbour many shortcomings in addition to making many capabilities available. EHR vendors such as SoftGrid Computers help mitigate them on a fundamental level to help healthcare facilities to decipher better opportunities. The EHR systems are a safe space and every information that is fed to the application is vital to the patients’. This eliminates oversight and human error and does not cause any profound problem such as wrong dosage or medications. 

Helps with Documentation: EHR systems help in documentation exponentially. This helps improve clinical quality, ensure accurate payments, and is compliant with regulations provided by authorities. Soft Grid computers help medical facilities introduce tactful changes that avoid redundancy in the reimbursement and clinical processes which consequently reduce the vast amounts of data entry required. Patient history, current medications are a few things that do not require re-entry. Soft Grid Computers further help tweak their products to ensure that it fits seamlessly with the workflow in the healthcare organization for consistency and hassle-free operations. 

Interoperability: Interoperability is rapidly and steadily transforming the healthcare industry. EHR systems are the catalyst and have the power to keep up with the change. It is crucial that the EHR vendor you are going for is able to grapple with the technology to fulfil your demands of integrating advanced technology and maintain the standards of your care delivery in their solutions. 

Telehealth: The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has prompted medical professionals and healthcare facilities to promote telehealth for its patients’ as it is safe for both the healthcare professionals and the patients to stay at home. Currently, an increasing number of healthcare organizations and small scale clinic facilities are jumping into the bandwagon and providing consumers with telehealth facilities. EHR vendors help these facilities and organizations to conduct efficient and effective telehealth encounters that do not compromise with outcomes and the quality of care service provided. Telehealth services do not only help healthcare services reach their existing clientele; it also increases the sphere and allows people from remote areas to have access to quality medical services and care delivery, hence increasing the revenue of medical facilities. 

Helps with Patient Identity Management: Patient authorization and identity are crucial as more and more healthcare facilities are implementing digital transformations. Healthcare organizations are coerced to facilitate the exchange of patient information through secure APIs that are compliant with laws concerning data privacy. EHR systems will help in compounding multiple versions of existing patient information on the same system and create a secure space for data transmission. 

Mobility: Mobile and smart devices are an integral part of the modern lifestyle. More patients are drawn towards healthcare organizations that enable them to manage personal health records, schedule doctors’ appointments, and grant access to medical refills through smartphone applications. EHR vendors must strive towards enabling seamless third-party integration, enable patients to manage appointments, and provide telehealth functions conveniently. Mobile functionality is the way forward with digital transformation in the healthcare industry. More and more healthcare organizations are drawn towards the ‘app ecosystem’ every day. 


It is crucial for healthcare organizations across the country to scale up and implement digital transformation in their facility. EHR is the way to go. Adapting to the rapid changes in the healthcare industry requires quick responses that will help improve your care delivery system in multiple ways. 

We at SoftGrid Computers provide solutions to healthcare facilities that require foundational changes to overcome existing challenges in implementing digital transformations. We enable healthcare organizations to have access to a holistic solution and meticulous EHR system that will help improve your care delivery system and consequently increase your revenue streams. 

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