Everything One should Know About Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Industry

Today almost every industry, domain, field, is transformed as well as impacted by the digital transformation enabled by Artificial Intelligence. When it comes to efficiency and improvement in operations AI has been a huge catalyst ensuring that the process fits in the workflow seamlessly and the workflow goes on without any hassle. While the healthcare industry has lagged behind in embracing this change and accepting digital transformation fully. The past year has been the most strenuous in the healthcare industry and now more and more healthcare service providers are willing to change the traditional methods and embrace the new change. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning hold a considerable amount of promise and significant changes in the healthcare industry. Right from data entry, hospital care, in and out patient assistance, insurance, and other matters AI applications have cut down significant costs and revolutionized how the industry works. Recent studies also predict that the growth of AI applications in healthcare is going to increase by 40% and is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021. These applications are extremely poised when it comes to streamlining and making work more logical for healthcare professionals. The introduction of technology in the healthcare industry has helped shape the personalized healthcare services while significantly reducing costs and time by facilitating a faster, better, and more seamless care delivery for patients.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is said to have immense potential in helping healthcare professionals streamline their work and operations, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs, and enhance care services. In this article, we are going to explore the various ways in which AI has helped improve care delivery in healthcare. 

What is the role of AI in healthcare? 

Implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry has provided the industry the opportunity to provide data-driven clinical decisions. Applications based on artificial intelligence have made decisions related to treatments faster by analyzing patient history and various other relevant components and have paved the path to potentially increase the revenue. AI-based applications use data and algorithms and are designed to identify patterns that provide healthcare professionals automated insights into patients’ health. 

Overview of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

Digital Transformation is bringing in significant changes across healthcare organizations around the globe. AI-based applications have been driving meaningful changes in bringing in better care delivery and patient outcomes. Usually, Artificial Intelligence-based applications in healthcare are based on the following: 

1. Making the healthcare service providers more productive and efficient. 

2. Providing a new and improved robust and streamlined experience to patients to improve care delivery outcomes. 

3. Making back-end processes organized and effective. 

Although there is rapid progress, many healthcare organizations are hesitant about implementing digital transformations and AI-based applications, however, we expect this trend to end soon. The current implementations of Artificial intelligence in health care can corroborate it, following are a few ways that Artificial Intelligence has been deployed in healthcare: 

  • Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Professionals
  • Automated Image Diagnosis
  • Oncology and Cancer Detection by AI-based applications
  • Personal health  Companies and Insurances
  • Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbots and Robots to explain lab results
  • Artificial Intelligence in Pathology
  • Rare and new Disease Detection with AI
  • Medication Management 
  • Health Monitoring with wearables enabled by AI
  • Cyber Security Applications powered by Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Robot-Assisted Surgery and faster treatment decisions

How will SoftGrid Computers Help you?

Health systems and hospitals have become well-versed and practiced in business intelligence, analysis, and data-driven decision-making for treatments however there are many organizations that are still facing challenges with more advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms. 

Misdiagnosis and medical errors account for 10% of deaths every year. In light of that Artificial Intelligence-based applications promise to improve diagnosis processes. Large caseloads and incomplete patient history can lead to life-threatening health issues AI can diagnose and predict diseases at a faster rate than medical professionals. 

SoftGrid Computers is a trusted brand that has helped make a revolutionary change in the digital transformation in various healthcare organizations in India and across the globe. We use the endless opportunities to help benefit healthcare organizations to leverage technology and deploy more efficient, precise, and impactful interventions to enhance patient outcomes. 

We understand that AI offers advantages over traditional clinical decision-making and analytics. 

As a business owner, it is critical that you invest in services and tools that improve the health and healthcare of your consumers Instead of traditional approaches, we will help you build healthcare applications with an approach that meets the demands of modern healthcare facilities enabling healthcare organizations to make better decisions. 

We ensure that we bring to you cutting-edge technology that improves the workflow and patient outcomes within your organization. Here is how we support healthcare AI analytics: 

  • We create an easy one-click AI integration and access into your existing BI tools, a first for the healthcare industry in India, these applications and lines are exclusive and also include more than 100 analytics accelerators.
  • The applications embed cutting-edge machine learning techniques and statistics in every product suite module; This approach enables applications to dramatically increase the speed and deliver analytic insights from weeks or months to minutes or even seconds.
  • We ensure that healthcare organizations tied up with us do not have to wait for hands-on experience and additional training to provide analysts an accelerated AI boost. The embedded rigor of the application enables analytics insights that are precise, accurate, and consistent than before.

Pro-Level Services: 

  • We provide expert guidance to help healthcare organizations to avoid self-service predictive analytics and other typical pitfalls.
  • We help healthcare organizations tailor-made, pick, or build the optimal predictive model that meets their business needs and significantly boosts the success rates for predictive models.
  • We provide expert guidance that helps healthcare organizations to identify and use AI for advanced decision-making and a wider variety of use cases such as prescriptive optimization and retrospective comparisons.

We at SoftGrid Computers, are in the endeavor to support healthcare organizations to use digital transformation for their benefit and unifying mind and machine through computer-brain interfaces. 

If you are a business owner who is looking to upgrade their existing healthcare organization and looking for a company that will help you walk through the digital transformation in healthcare, we are the right choice for you. 

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