Importance Of Data Security In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

When we are looking at Artificial Intelligence, it could be safe to assume that data represents power. When you are looking at the developing world, there have been innovations in every possible industry and with data management becoming even more important, it has become imperative to understand the future of such changes. Although the innovations in various sectors are posing serious exponential growth, they are posing various challenges in the field of data security. If we were to look at the largest existing industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, there are several experts that have spoken about the need for data security and the lack of cybersecurity. This is where AI will play a crucial role in neutralising these cyber threats, the best part being that this would be without any human interventions.

There are 2 obvious benefits one can look at from the Internet of Things. These are going to be convenience and automation. Although rising technologies are going to provide these two benefits, there needs to be a greater emphasis on the need to keep the data secure. This is essentially where AI comes in.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

“Machine Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence” have become even more important in the age of cybersecurity, as applications are being created across industries with the rise of computing power and data collection.

When you are looking at these technologies, you are also looking at how businesses can now focus on other fruitful and less time-consuming tasks and how AI can be used to mitigate other cyber attacks as well. The team that will be responsible for managing cybersecurity will be automatically alerted when there is an action to be taken.

As a way of understanding this, if you would give the responsibility of cybersecurity to the best employee in your organization, he or she could train your machine learning or AI to anticipate any kind of exploits or weaknesses in your system.

There has been a lot of conversation around AI taking over mankind. One thing that is left out of this debate is that the amount of power that AI contains today is the amount that has been given to it. It needs constant upgradation and human interaction and can in no way substitute the role of man.

There is a recent phenomenon called Predictive Analytics which is in a way going to build on this by anticipating threats before they arise or become an issue. This particular kind of approach is going to help anticipate more problems and does not promise to just be cost effective but is extremely favourable for large businesses, as data security implies a breach of data security and these threats need to be met with success, in order to create a safer system around the world of data security.

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