Using Whatsapp as a private store for your documents and notes

Today, we can’t imagine a world without Whatsapp. It has revolutionized the world of instant messaging and the utility of this application far surpasses its rivals in the messaging world. However, there are additional uses of this application that many of us have probably never explored. Whatsapp has always made data security their top priority. Whatsapp uses end-to-end encryption and supports two-factor authentication which easily makes it one of the most secure messaging applications.

Apart from just communicating with the external world, Whatsapp allows you to:

    • Capture and save ideas, notes, voice memos, scanned documents and everything else of importance to you.
    • Easy transfer of web links, documents, screenshots and any other files that you would want to transfer between your phone and computer. You don’t have to go looking for another service to sign-up for.
  • How do you do this?

    The idea is fairly simple and doesn’t complicate the efficacy of this application. All you have to do is create a virtual contact inside Whatsapp and everything that you wish to share privately, can be done with this virtual contact.

    Yes, it is not possible yet to send messages to yourself on Whatsapp; however this is the next best thing. All you have to do is:

    • Create a Whatsapp group with you being the sole participant.
    • Add any contact from your address book to this group and save the group
    • Once you have done that, go to the group you have just created, tap the subject and view the list of participants.
    • Tap on the participant you have just added and remove him/her from the group
    • It’s as simple as that. Now you have a Whatsapp group with no participants which essentially serve as a private virtual store for keeping all your important documents, easily accessible from your computer through your phone using Whatsapp web.

    You can also use this feature on Whatsapp web. It is possible now to transfer any photo, links, memos, documents from your computer on to your mobile device and the other way around. All you have to do is open on your desktop browser, scan the bar-code and send the file to the group that will be instantly available on your mobile device. Whatsapp also contains an in-built feature application that allows you to search and find the document very easily.

    Whatsapp has created a world where messaging is a lot more secure and faster, giving rise to a new wave of technological advancement, showcasing a perfect balance between security and innovation. Their flexibility is shown through the ease with which you can operate their application, making it one of the most sought-after means of communication.

    Posted by Anuj Pathak

    Anuj Pathak is a software enablement solution expert, a seasoned veteran in the field of sales, business development, and web & mobile apps development. His management skills and leadership continue to deliver results for organizations looking to expand their reach and revenues by providing services around user experience, and software development for all mobile platform and internet technologies.